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The Dark Side of Self Improvement

Suzanne Eder speaks for TEDxWilmington

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If you could give yourself permission to want what you really want, what would your life be like? Dare to name it and know that you are worthy of having that kind of life.


  • Knowing you have the power to create a life you love
  • Experiencing ease in manifesting what you desire
  • Being liberated from self-doubt and self-criticism
  • Feeling at peace
  • Trusting yourself
  • Feeling vibrantly alive

 All of this and more is possible.

  Welcome to Solid Ground

Solid Ground transformational life coaching is not about improving or "fixing" yourself. It’s about waking up to who you really are and creating a life you love from that inspired and expanded place.

That’s what enlightenment is: waking up to your magnificence and being in the flow of life.

You can begin right now.

dreamstime 23375641 diamondsSolid Ground teaching and transformational life coaching is founded on the premise that you are brilliant in a way that only you can be. You are literally one-of-a-kind in this magnificent universe. And your special brand of brilliance is revealed through your longings. What you long to create, give, share and experience is an expression of who you are, so honoring what you want is the most essential way to honor yourself. And honoring yourself is the most essential way to liberate the innate creativity and generosity that uplifts everyone around you.

This is what it means to find your calling.

Yet as simple and essential as following your longings is to a deeply fulfilled life, it may not come naturally to you…yet. Chances are, if you’re like so many others still grappling with how to create a life you love, you haven’t been taught how to honor and nurture and develop your dreams. You haven’t been encouraged to listen deeply within for guidance about next steps. You haven’t yet noticed that the voice you think is practical is really just scared. You haven’t been shown how to sift through all the myriad thoughts and experiences of your life and consciously choose to align with the ones that light you up.

We can support you in learning all of this and more.

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Suzanne was interviewed by award-winning broadcaster Ric Bratton of This Week in America.
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TV Interview


I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in Expanding Abundance, Suzanne’s new pilot class. After five weeks of learning about the energetic nature of abundance and what it is we do to block it, I am able to see so clearly that this day, today, this weekend—a weekend in which I had no formal plans in spite of all my efforts to fill it—is actually a much-needed gift. It is an opportunity to immerse myself in the expansive materials provided in the class. How often do I and so many of those around me bewail the lack of time in our lives? I am so grateful today to see it as the proof of abundance it is rather than irrefutable evidence that I am a loser because I’m not Out There Doing Something with Somebody. LOL! Something important I’ve learned too is that giving and receiving are meant to work together. To be open to more abundance in my life, I must be open to giving more as well. Since starting the class I’ve consciously noticed the opportunities I’ve been handed to give something I actually love to give. How wonderful is that? It’s as if some wise and wonderful teacher just put the keys to the kingdom in my hand. A. M.