"I've listened to your meditation CD twice. I found it really powerful. I mean REALLY powerful. It shifted stuff from mind, body and spirit, and catapulted me into a whirlpool of releasing.You certainly packed some strong vibes into it. I want to say how much I appreciate you and I'm sending this with gratitude and Love." Jane W.

"Sometimes whether by grace or by intent (or both) you get just what you need when you need it.  I've learned from Suzanne Eder that the two -- grace and intent -- are inextricably linked. Suzanne has been my coach for some years and I've always known that she is exceptionally gifted at designing guided meditations which help her clients nimbly side step the monkey mind. This is the ultimate gift of her Monthly Inspiration Series. She does all the work and I can go to that place of deep wisdom within myself, effortlessly, without the frustration and self judgement that have accompanied my other attempts at meditation.  Many thanks Suzanne."- Ann M.

"Suzanne Eder is an inspiration teacher and an extraordinary human being.  She holds herself to the highest standards of thought and action.  Suzanne is a fierce partner for your large self/higher purpose and never waivers from that support while simultaneously maintaining an environment of total and unconditional self love and support.  She lifts the vibration of the room just by being in it." - Deborah C.

"Suzanne's writing is so practical and soft, smart and gentle at the same time." - J.C.

"The weekend beach retreat was so peaceful and nurturing and full of surprises. As one who is still learning to let go of worry and doubt, your theme of "trust" was perfect for me. I found that not only have I taken so much from the weekend but I also left behind some things that I'd carried for far too long. You have provided me with the tools to let go of worry and stop micromanaging the details of my life and trust that everything is perfect.. When the weekend ended I felt that maybe life should be gently held and not so much strangled. Thank you for being the perfect guide." - M.D.

"At the beach retreat, I discovered that taking the extra time to get away from everyday life, having the freedom to go deeper and the opportunity to stay longer with the divine Presence within, was both joyful and priceless.  I've been to a lot of Suzanne's workshops, booster classes and one-on-one coaching, but this was an even more profoundly valuable experience.  Instead of exquisite moments of grace I had exquisite days of grace!  I am so thankful and can't believe I delayed so long in giving myself such a  precious gift. On the last day of the retreat I watched the moon rise over the ocean with a sense of wonder and gratitude I've not felt in a while.  The gifts just kept coming even when the retreat was "officially" over.  I have a kind of joyful expectancy about the weeks ahead and what they might bring."   - Ann Murphy

"I was a participant in your recent phone course on Telling a New Story and really grew from listening to your wisdom. Thanks Suzanne!" - S.F.

"Suzanne is an amazing coach with such a gentle loving touch." - S.R.

"Suzanne, I really look forward to our sessions - they are so empowering, enlightening and meaningful!" - L.J.

"Many, many thanks for yesterdays superb workshop! Your presentation was so straightforward and illuminating and helped me to approach/understand this subject with self love and self worth. Two subjects which have been sources of difficulty for me! Thanks again, so much." - G.F.

"Suzanne, I am sure that you know that I enjoyed your course today but feel like I want to tell you why. I was able to find that moment of clarity again, that knowing. It was another experience of my pen not being able to keep up.. What an awesome feeling. It had seemed like such a fleeting moment before that I had begun to doubt that it had even been real. I will never doubt it again. The best part is that I was so open today that the message was even clearer. I can't wait to see what the rest of my new life has to offer. The sweet is already sweeter - I can't express my gratitude adequately for the great gift that you are. you're an angel. Thank you so much." - M.D.

"Suzanne, the class last night was wonderful. I thought your questions were fantastic and so helpful! Also I wanted to say I am in awe of your ability to tolerate silence.  I was trying to put myself in your place and I'm sure I would have been blathering and asking questions like "Are you with me?" etc.  You refrained from than and I wanted to say "kudos to you." I continue to be impressed by how  professionally you conduct yourself, but with such humanity and ease." - Ann M.

"I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday's retreat.  It was wonderful. . . beyond anything I could have ever imagined, and I feel that my life has changed because of it . . . I already feel that I've reclaimed some of my power! To be in the presence of all of you . . . it was simply amazing . . . every single part of it. I feel truly blessed to know you and am so thankful that our paths crossed." - P.T.

"This was my first retreat of any kind and certainly my first with Solid Ground. You were a magnificent host and while I was the newest group member, I felt at home. I am still learning to just relax and "be" with the divine and wanted to get it right. You see I wanted to get everything I could out of it. Funny thing, what I learned is that I couldn't get it wrong but that however I am is just exactly right. I learned to be with me and learned that I am a pretty (if I can use your words) magnificent person. I believe that the Divine loves me without judgement and that I am worthy of that love. My heart if full with this knowledge.

In the message you sent after the retreat, you said that I may continue to reap the benefits of the retreat over time, "awakening further to my magnificence." I was stunned when it actually happened. I can't really say what happened last night but something wonderful touched my heart. I felt overwhelming joy. I felt Gods presence in me. Tears of joy came ... what a blessing that was. Maybe it was [...] the meditation or chanting. I don't know but two weeks later I am still learning in my heart what my head thought it already knew. I am unique. I am enough and any improvement that I think I am making in my character is unnecessary. I am already an incredible creation. Wow...Thank you from my heart, Suzanne." - M.D.

"Suzanne, I am SO glad I went to your beach retreat! It was perfect." - M.S.

“Suzanne is a true visionary.  She effortlessly sees the many possibilities within the assumptions we hold as absolute and the beliefs we have about 'the way things are.'  Just by spending time with her in conversation, you cannot help but expand your world view and open up to all that exists in support of us.  She has stretched my thinking in ways I would have never come to on my own - and that in turn has opened doors for me that I didn’t even know were in my way.”  - J.T.

"Suzanne is an absolute brilliant, wise, and loving teacher.  There are teachers who say, "Be love, have compassion, love yourself," and so on.  However, Suzanne actually shows us the practical steps to living a fulfilling life in ways that are  thought provoking, revitalizing, and fun!  Suzanne is truly one who "walks her talk," in her own beautiful magnificence. I am eternally grateful for her Presence in my life."   -  P.L.

"One session with Suzanne was more effective than a year in therapy!" - Sue

"Suzanne, I absolutely love you and what you do to encourage us and remind us of our infinite wisdom and strength. You truly hold the space for us to grow." - R.S.

"I went to see Suzanne because I felt as if I were trudging through life, like a draft horse. I was meeting obligations and even working towards some important long-term goals, but I didn't feel full of life on a day-to-day basis. I was worried that I may never reclaim a sense of fullness and vigor again. I also sensed I needed more balance, more peace.

In my meetings with Suzanne, I came to realize that I was doing a lot to get in my own way. I would tell myself why I couldn't have what the healthy part of me was craving. Or, if I couldn't see how to get there in advance, with a well-crafted plan, I wouldn't even try.

Now I do things very differently. I pay attention to that 'felt sense' of what I need, want, and feel drawn to. This is more of an introspective process, less of living according to others' standards and expectations. This is also a process of discernment. It can take some time, reflection, and consultation to truly come to articulate the felt sense. And when I'm clearer with myself, I go about simply intending to move towards what I discerned. Often I have no idea how I'm going to get there. This is new, too, this comfort and faith that I can realize my intentions without a linear, logical plan in advance--like a meandering stream finding its way to the river. And like a stream joining a river, though much of the work is introspective and at times solitary, ultimately it is about being connected to something larger. Ultimately it is about finding our place in the family of things.

After working with Suzanne for some time, and feeling more like a horse running free than that draft horse, I came across the following quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, which sums it up pretty well:

'If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.' " - SDS, Ph.D

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