This article was written on May 14th but not posted until today.

Mommy and Zanne 090504I am writing this on the one-year anniversary of my mother’s passing. It also happens to be my first Mother’s Day without her. Earlier today I had an impulse to call my father, to find out how he’s doing on his first Mother’s Day without her – my father, who passed away on February 22nd of this year.

I was brought up short by the realization that there was no Daddy to call. And almost as if for the first time, I felt rocked by the shock waves of a double loss. I took several deep breaths and moved on with my day.

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Balloon woman on beachBecause of the work I do, and the clients who are drawn to work with me, I am frequently confronted with some version of the following assertion:

I’ve come to realize that I’m not living my true calling. I know this because every time I’m involved in my true calling, I am lit up with excitement, and time just seems to fly by. But my true calling won’t pay the bills, and I can’t quit my current job in order to pursue what others have called a “pipe dream.”

It’s almost ridiculously common for people to automatically assume that their dreams of doing what they love are impractical or impossible, and therefore to shut the door on them. I, of course, am in the business of helping people open the door to their dreams instead. Providing a thorough, door-opening response to the above viewpoint would require that I write an entire book – which happens to be a very persistent “pipe dream” of my own – but let me share a few thoughts I have about it right now.

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The following post was written on March 15, 2017, but not posted until today.

Fotolia bridge between worldsI am writing this exactly three weeks after the passing of my father, who made his transition to the non-physical realm on February 22, 2017, just nine months after the passing of my mother. I barely had time to register the loss of her presence in my life before my attention was absorbed by my father’s rapidly, if erratically, declining health.

My siblings and I were pulled into the rabbit hole of financial and medical caregiving, doing our best to navigate through a Keystone Cop-like world of bizarre medical rules, cumbersome processes for establishing power of attorney for his accounts, conflicting patient demands and impossible decisions that needed to be made.

As my sister so simply and eloquently said at one point, as we were trying to make sense of yet another round of contradictory information presented to us, “This is an unworkable time.”

That time is over.

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Fotolia yield to your heart sign“In order to create a life you love, you have to let love lead.”

Years ago, as I was transitioning from being an energy healer to a transformational life coach, I created the above statement as a tagline for my new business. For me it was elegant in its simplicity, honesty and clarity.

Over time – and after, perhaps, one too many marketing courses – that simple statement began to feel like a stale cliché. So I dropped it. I created new taglines and different points of focus for my work. Yet here I am today, seeing that tired old statement with fresh eyes and feeling, again, its elegant wisdom.

There’s something about the word “let” that resonates deeply with me. It is kind and allowing. So often we are conditioned to believe we have to “make things happen” through strong-willed effort. We go after what we want with the steely determination of a hunter tracking down its prey. We strongarm our seemingly lazy, timid or unfocused selves into a forced march toward our goals.

It’s one way to make a certain kind of progress. But it’s not the way of Love.

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bigstock What s Your Story 41003623Years ago I was introduced to the radical idea that our beliefs create our reality, and the idea captivated me so much that I’ve become a lifelong student of understanding its true meaning and implications. Today I realize that our reality is created by far more than our beliefs, but beliefs  play a powerful role in the creative process.

Back in the day, as “Your beliefs create your reality” was becoming a hot topic in the spiritual growth and self-help world, the focus was primarily on finding and eliminating the beliefs that limit us. For many people it became a “search and destroy” mission as they vowed to rid themselves of every last belief that might be an obstacle to living the successful and fulfilling lives they wanted to live.

But after years of finding, analyzing and letting go of limiting beliefs, they still weren’t where they wanted to be. So they stepped up the search, sure that if they dug deeply enough they would get to the bottom and, after dismantling that final, crusty old belief, they would be free.

Instead they discovered there was no bottom.

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Fotolia sun on earths horizonWe begin again.

This is the beauty, power and promise of a new year – the opportunity to begin again. A fresh start. A blank canvas awaiting our inspired brushstrokes. A chance to deepen our commitment to what really matters to us.

Of course we can do that at any time, on any day, in any month. Yet the newness of a year with a first-ever number, and the spaciousness of a calendar not yet cluttered with too many commitments, creates the perfect opportunity to remind us of the potent opportunity we have to begin again. To resolve to create positive change in our lives.

Ah, resolutions. Over the years we’ve been bombarded with messages about the high failure rate of New Year’s resolutions. Many of us have come to regard them as hollow promises, fun to make but not realistic to keep, and it seems almost inevitable that they’ll get trampled by the relentless demands of everyday life.

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