Fotolia zen red flower white stonesHave you ever seen Romancing the Stone, a movie starring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas that was made in 1984? It was a wild ride of a film billed as a “high-flying romance adventure.” I think I liked it, but I don’t actually remember.

And really, that doesn’t even matter. I’m not here to discuss movies with you. It just so happened that, as I prepared to write this February blog post, I remembered that in February we celebrate one of my least-favorite holidays: Valentine’s Day. For me all of the hype and commercialism, not to mention the sledge-hammer-like focus on romantic love, is contrived and numbing.

Thankfully those thoughts came into my mind as I was sitting down to meditate, so I didn’t engage with them. I didn’t let them steer me to a grumpy, cynical place. Instead I let them drift away as I invited my awareness to expand.

So there I was, sitting in the welcome peace of a quiet mind, when the words, “Romancing the Stone” suddenly appeared, followed by a few blurry images of Michael and Kathleen in a jungle. I started to inwardly chuckle at the improbability of that particular movie showing up in my awareness.

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Fotolia hourglass2017 is drawing to a close and 2018 waits eagerly to be announced. And as you are no doubt fully aware, the start of a new year brings with it a fresh opportunity to initiate positive change in your life. That opportunity exists in every moment, on every day of the year, but there’s something tingly and tantalizing about the start of a new year that makes change-making almost impossible to ignore. We get carried away by the strong currents of inspired resolutions all around us and figure we may as well go along for the ride.

Actually, that’s part of what makes it so fun: everybody else is doing it, and the shared energy of change helps us feel supported as we take on positive change in our own lives.

Sometimes, though, the shared energy can take on a life of its own and influence us to initiate change just because it seems like the thing to do. We sometimes allow it to interrupt our own natural rhythm and jump into action when jumping into action may not be what serves us best right now.

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Fotolia content smiling womanI’ve been trying to figure things out recently. Things such as who I am becoming and what I want my life to look like and what form my work should take now. You know, big things. Things that take time to figure out.

But there is a very impatient task master inside me, arms crossed over her chest and one foot tapping quickly and incessantly, urging me to figure it out already and get moving! “Good God! “she says with an exasperated sigh. “Haven’t we wasted enough time?”

I consider her question. Have I been wasting time?

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Fotolia heart bridge in natureIt’s often said that fear is the opposite of love. And I suspect the reason this direct, pithy statement is used so frequently is that it’s helpful: it conveys an immediate and powerful reminder to find some way to move out of fear and into love.

Learning how to move out of fear and into love is an exquisite, courageous and essential thing to learn. We all know that fear prevents us from living radiant and fulfilling lives.

But telling ourselves that fear is the opposite of love isn’t the best way to jumpstart a move in the direction of an authentically fulfilling life, and here’s why:

It isn’t true.

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Fotolia ceremonial archI recently led a new six-week pilot class in which we explored different facets of the manifestation process and how they can be cultivated to experience greater abundance – of all forms - in our lives.

One of the facets we delved into was the balancing of our masculine and feminine energies, with the deeper understanding that masculine and feminine energies are not opposites – they are not meant to oppose each other. They are two complementary aspects of a seamless whole. That exploration yielded quite a few “aha!” moments for many of us.

A deepened insight that emerged for me was this: many people have been walking a spiritual path that isn’t serving them. And when their spiritual path doesn’t serve them, they can’t experience the deep level of fulfillment they long for.

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Fotolia angels dancingTheresa (not her real name) sat across from me, her head tilted slightly at an angle and her forehead wrinkled in concern. She had just finished telling me how long she has wanted to create an experience of financial prosperity, yet still she is struggling. She leaned forward and asked out loud, more to herself than to me:

“What am I doing wrong? Do I not want it enough? Is my intention not strong enough?”

The kinds of questions we ask ourselves when things aren’t going the way we want them to go are very revealing. Theresa’s questions expose an underlying belief in what I call “not-enough-ness,” and the vibration of that belief prevents us from experiencing fulfillment because fulfillment arises from fullness, and that is the opposite of “not-enough-ness.”

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