Solid Ground Transformational Life Coaching is all about helping you wake up to your true magnificence and live from that expanded and empowered place. Which means it’s also about helping you learn how to navigate the fears and false beliefs that would otherwise keep you feeling small or stuck.

diving-in-ederYou probably won’t be surprised to learn that negative emotions such as despair, fear, discouragement, anger, frustration and others tend to distract people from their magnificence! But that’s only because many of us don’t fully understand the nature and value of our emotions and how to respond to them.

Diving In is a simple yet potent practice that supports you in moving through negative emotion in a healthy, loving and empowering way. Because it is so effective, I created an audio CD to guide you through it, which you can purchase and download directly from this page.

Diving In is tremendously liberating. It keeps your energy flowing and moving toward the higher vibrations where you have greater access to inspiration, clarity and wisdom. You might think of it as a healthy way to “clear the static” of your negative emotions.

Yet it’s really much more than that. I often tell clients that Diving In is their best friend, and those who do it have experienced welcome shifts in how they feel and what they’re able to manifest in their lives. It really is that powerful.

The essence of Diving In is to drop whatever story you have about what’s going on in your life and feel how that story is making you feel – drop the story, feel the feeling. Not talk about the feeling, or analyze it or just witness it – but feel it completely, which, ironically, is something we rarely do with our feelings. Yet feeling them is often the very thing that’s needed in order for the energy to move and shift in vibration.

Diving In is fundamentally simple but it takes a little practice , and most people find it immensely helpful to be guided through it a few times at first, which is why I’ve created these audio tracks. The first track gives you more information about Diving In and how it works, and on the second you’ll be led through a Diving In practice session. Although Diving In is not a meditation, it is meditative in that you are focusing inward in an intentional way.

It is safe, simple, self-loving – and very effective.

As you get better and better at allowing the energy of your emotions to move, you’ll want to learn how to focus your thinking and your attention in ways that empower you, rather than in ways that lead to those feelings of frustration or disempowerment to begin with. And that, of course, is a big part of what Solid Ground classes and coaching are all about.

The combination of Diving In and learning to create stories about your life that inspire and empower you is unbeatable: you will create a life you love. Start right now with these two powerful audio tracks, and learn to navigate through the negative emotions that might be holding you back.

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Introduction to Diving In

Diving In is a simple yet potent practice that supports you in moving through negative emotion in a healthy, loving and empowering way.


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