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Not just an ordinary coach, counselor or healer, Suzanne lives what she teaches. She takes you beyond counseling to a whole new level of understanding your true creative power. Working with Suzanne is about waking up to who you really are and creating a life you love from that inspired and expanded place.

Her signature approach to coaching is grounded in the genuinely transformative power of self-love. As a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, an intense 4-year program in energy-based healing, she is well-versed in the vibrational dynamics of the creative process – the immense power of intention, belief, thought and attention to create our reality. She offers her clients a heart-centered understanding of the Law of Attraction and creative ways to work with it in finding their calling and manifesting their desires.private-coaching-sessions-live-your-dreams

Private sessions are personalized, dynamic and focused – focused on what you want to create or experience, where you are in that process and how you can most easily make the shifts you want to make. Suzanne radiates compassion and wisdom that are, themselves, a potent transformational force. Her clients often comment that just being in her presence creates powerful shifts within them.

"Suzanne Eder is an inspiration teacher and an extraordinary human being.  She holds herself to the highest standards of thought and action.  Suzanne is a fierce partner for your higher purpose and never waivers from that support while simultaneously maintaining an environment of total and unconditional self-love and support.  She lifts the vibration of the room just by being in it." - Deborah C.

The hallmarks of coaching with Suzanne are:

  • Sense of personal empowerment and a significantly enhanced ability to manifest what you truly want
  • Clarity
  • Peace of mind
  • Liberation from self-doubt
  • Expanded sense of possibility
  • Genuine experience of self-love

manifest-your-desires-personal-coaching-sessionsYou are meant to succeed in creating a life you love! And you get to define what success looks and feels like to you. Through private coaching Suzanne has successfully supported clients in everything from bringing a beloved project to completion…to creating a high-impact documentary film...to starting a new heart-centered business…to resolving relationship challenges…to landing the perfect job…to evolving a sole proprietorship into a deeply satisfying and highly prosperous partnership…to creating unprecedented outcomes at work in a large, bureaucratic organization…and much more.

Coaching  can be done in person or by phone. Email Suzanne at see@mysolidground.com for more information about private coaching or just register below!

Please note:  New clients are asked to make an initial 3-session commitment. All three sessions must be scheduled within six months. Unused sessions after the six-month period cannot be refunded. After the first three sessions, additional appointments can be scheduled on an individual basis. You will receive an email from Suzanne after registering to schedule your first session.

Current rates are as follows:

Transformational Life Coaching

$425 for initial three sessions

$160 per session thereafter


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About Suzanne Eder

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Suzanne founded Solid Ground in 2003 as an organization devoted to helping people awaken to their true magnificence.As a coach and teacher, she offers private sessions and leads cata­lytic classes...

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Suzanne Eder speaks about "The Dark Side of Self-Improvement" for TEDxWilmington Talks.

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"You are an inspiration to me, both in your ability to share important insights through your writing, but also in how you share the heart of being human and how to transform a situation toward love. " - Mary S.