Life Coaching in Pennsylvania

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a true advocate for your soul’s longings, someone who is passionately committed to helping you realize your dreams? Someone whose belief in your greatness is greater than your doubt? The path of transformation challenges every belief we hold about who we are and what is possible in our lives. It triggers fear and paralysis and cynicism, and in the absence of focused and compassionate support it’s all too easy to just give up.

Don’t give up – give in! Give in to your deepest desires, give in to your dreams, give in to your need to be
supported. Give yourself the gift of wisdom and inspiration on the journey of creating your fabulous life. We’re
not meant to do this alone!

Suzanne offers 60 minute private coaching sessions, either in person or by phone, scheduled at the frequency that best suits your needs. Call her at (302)888-2138 or email her at see@mysolidground for your FREE 20-minute phone consultation to see if life coaching might be right for you.

Personal Growth Workshops in

Suzanne is a compassionate and lively facilitator who has been leading groups in both corporate and private settings for over 15 years. “The group process offers tremendous power and support for personal transformation,” Suzanne affirms. “It provides a safe and resilient space for exploration, inspiration, breakthroughs in awareness…and fun!”

She offers workshops and retreats on topics related to personal growth and transformation on a regular basis. Explore Finding Your Calling, The Power of a Peaceful Mind, Meditation Exploration & Practice, The Power of Intention, Putting Your Soul In Charge of Your To-Do List, Taming Your Inner Perfectionist, Healing Relationships and more. Please see our calendar of events for the specific locations, dates and times of upcoming workshops.

Career Coaching in Pennsylvania

“There are people out there who love what they do. Why can’t you be one of them?” – Suzanne Eder

How many times have you talked yourself out of following your dreams? Are you ready, finally, for a new dialogue? Career Coaching, or Creating Work You Love, is all about challenging the beliefs, fears and conditioned mindset that may be keeping you from living a fulfilling life, and exploring new possibilities for your life and career. With Creating Work You Love coaching, we explore the powerful possibility that we can create work we love. We can transform our fear, self-doubt and cynicism into trust, empowerment and inspiration.

Through the interactive coaching process, clients will be supported in:
• Reconnecting with their authentic passion and longings
• Identifying and taking the steps to bring those longings into expression in their lives
• Challenging the fears and beliefs that keep them stuck
• Learning ways to stay focused and committed to the process of creating meaningful, fulfilling work
• Finding peace and satisfaction now, and throughout the journey

Call Suzanne at (302)888-2138 or email"> to schedule your FREE 20-minute phone consultation to see if Creating Work You Love coaching is right for you.

Prosperity Coaching in Pennsylvania

Do you ever...

…Struggle in your relationship with money, or

…Feel a sense of "not-enough-ness" with regard to your finances, time or self worth, or

…Use money as the reason - or excuse - for not following your dreams?

You are not alone.

Relationships with money are often charged with fear, self-doubt and a persistent sense of "not enough-ness," and during uncertain economic times those feelings tend to be amplified. But it's possible to shift your relationship with money in a way that promotes empowerment, peace and prosperity rather than fear, paralysis and denial. If you're willing to uncover and challenge your old habits of thinking about money, you can create a whole new relationship with it that truly supports you - and your soul's deepest longings.

Call Suzanne at (302)888-2138 or email"> to schedule your FREE 20-minute phone consultation to see if Prosperity Coaching is right for you.

Spiritual Growth Mentoring in Pennsylvania

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you truly loved yourself?
Can you imagine what your life would be like if you weren’t afraid?
Can you imagine what your life would be like if you allowed Life itself to guide you?

Don’t just imagine…open yourself to the grace, power and peace of a spirit-centered life through the loving and dynamic process of Spiritual Growth Mentoring.

Spiritual growth is a journey to wholeness, a path to remembering the magnificent truth of who we are. It is the ongoing expansion of perception that reveals our fundamental unity and our true nature as eternal beings in Spirit. It is a shift in consciousness from fear to trust – trust in the Love that we are and trust in a benevolent universe that supports our highest creative potential.

When you engage in a process of spiritual coaching with Suzanne, you are supported in forming and sustaining a genuine commitment to:

  • Challenge and release the fears and false beliefs that limit you
  • Recognize and release judgment in all forms
  • Cultivate peace of mind
  • Learn ways of being grounded and centered
  • Discern the many voices that direct your thoughts and actions, and practice honoring and acting on the true voice of your soul
  • Cultivate clarity of vision and the ability to perceive blessings in your life
  • Trust yourself to make wise and loving choices
  • Transcend the reactive dynamic of attack and defense
  • Live a heart-centered life of creativity and generosity

Call Suzanne at (302)888-2138 or email"> to schedule your FREE 20-minute phone
consultation to see if Spiritual Growth Mentoring is right for you.