Suzanne Eder


24A Trolley Square, #117
Wilmington, DE, 19806

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(302) 888-2138

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yogaWe'd love to hear from you! Email Suzanne for additional information on workshops, classes, retreats and private coaching. If there is a particular class or workshop you're interested in attending, please include the title in the body of your message.

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“Suzanne is a true visionary.  She effortlessly sees the many possibilities within the assumptions we hold as absolute and the beliefs we have about 'the way things are.'  Just by spending time with her in conversation, you cannot help but expand your world view and open up to all that exists in support of us.  She has stretched my thinking in ways I would have never come to on my own - and that in turn has opened doors for me that I didn’t even know were in my way.”  - J.T.