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24A Trolley Square, #117
Wilmington, DE, 19806

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yogaWe'd love to hear from you! Email Suzanne for additional information on workshops, classes, retreats and private coaching. If there is a particular class or workshop you're interested in attending, please include the title in the body of your message.

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"I really want to thank you for helping me take myself and my creativity seriously. As a result of my work with you, I can see how creativity is a broader thing than I thought, that it undergirds whatever I do and that I can have chapters of various sorts of creative expression in my life. Since making my first film, and to my own surprise, I seem to have manifested a very human and warm group practice. I seem to be attracting more clients without much strain, and they are really different kinds of folks. I feel like I am psychically "reading" folks without working as hard, or giving core energy away. So interesting.

I think the key is that you helped me develop another relationship with creativity. Our work together had me making friends with, and making peace with, the various and changing aspects of creativity in me. These days the river is just flowing at a higher level in general. I don't feel like my approval of myself is somehow on the line. That's a big shift right there.

Phew! Thanks!" - R.W.