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In a beautiful and deeply nurturing environment, join us in retreat for two pleasurable days, where you’ll be supported in opening deeply to the magnificence of your true self, the Divine Presence within you. Experience the profound comfort, inspiration and joy of knowing who you really are and how you want to live your life.

This retreat is unlike any other you may have experienced.  Suzanne creates a powerful field of resonance that helps you lift your vibration naturally and gracefully. After the retreat, your everyday life flows with more ease than you’ve ever imagined.

The theme for the retreat is deepening your connection to your own inner guidance from a foundation of genuine self-love. You'll gain a deeper understanding of what it really means to love yourself, and you'll learn new ways to recognize and connect with your deepest wisdom so you can create a successful, generous and deeply fulfilled life. Suzanne is known for helping clients reach new levels of clarity and genuinely embody what was once merely an intellectual concept. The focus is always on supporting your growth and evolution in a truly loving and compassionate way.

Through a combination of teaching, guided activities, music, movement and quiet time for personal reflection, meditation and journaling, participants will experience a deepening connection with the Divine Presence within and heightened awareness of how to come into alignment with who they really are.

Solid Ground's spiritual retreat is not just about recharging your batteries so you can better cope with your busy life. It's about learning to genuinely love, trust and honor yourself, and allowing a life you love to blossom from your inner core of magnificence.

At the bottom of this page are testimonials from prior retreat participants. Their heartfelt words beautifully reflect the profound experience that was shared by everyone who participated. Please take a moment to read them as you consider whether this retreat is right for you.

And now for some of the particulars! Retreats are held once or twice per year, usually in the spring and/or fall. The next one will be in May, 2016. We will meet in a gorgeous oceanfront apartment at the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Our gathering times for the weekend are:

Friday, May 6th                     6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, May 7th                10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday, May 8th                   11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Meals and lodging are not included in the retreat price; many options are available for hotels, bed & breakfasts and restaurants in all price ranges. The apartment features a full kitchen and participants are free to bring food they can easily heat and prepare for mealtimes. Light snacks and water will be provided. Additional information about lodging, meals and what to bring will be provided via email to confirmed participants as we get closer to the event date.

If you feel called to this retreat…give yourself the immense gift of answering that call. And please feel free to email Suzanne at if you have any questions.

WHEN:                      Friday May6th - Sunday May 8th, 2016

WHERE                     Boardwalk Plaza Hotel, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

INVESTMENT:         $395 early bird price; $435 when registering after April 22nd

REGISTER:                Click here



"The weekend beach retreat was so peaceful and nurturing and full of surprises. As one who is still learning to let go of worry and doubt, your theme of "trust" was perfect for me. I found that not only have I taken so much from the weekend but I also left behind some things that I'd carried for far too long. You have provided me with the tools to let go of worry and stop micromanaging the details of my life and trust that everything is perfect.. When the weekend ended I felt that maybe life should be gently held and not so much strangled. Thank you for being the perfect guide." - M.D.

"At the beach retreat, I discovered that taking the extra time to get away from everyday life, having the freedom to go deeper and the opportunity to stay longer with the divine Presence within, was both joyful and priceless.  I've been to a lot of Suzanne's workshops, booster classes and one-on-one coaching, but this was an even more profoundly valuable experience.  Instead of exquisite moments of grace I had exquisite days of grace!  I am so thankful and can't believe I delayed so long in giving myself such a  precious gift. On the last day of the retreat I watched the moon rise over the ocean with a sense of wonder and gratitude I've not felt in a while.  The gifts just kept coming even when the retreat was "officially" over.  I have a kind of joyful expectancy about the weeks ahead and what they might bring."  -  Ann Murphy

"I am SO glad I came to the retreat! It was perfect." - M.S.

 "This was my first retreat of any kind and certainly my first with Solid Ground. You were a magnificent host and while I was the newest group member, I felt at home. I am still learning to just relax and "be" with the divine and wanted to get it right. You see I wanted to get everything I could out of it. Funny thing, what I learned is that I couldn't get it wrong but that however I am is just exactly right. I learned to be with me and learned that I am a pretty (if I can use your words) magnificent person. I believe that the Divine loves me without judgement and that I am worthy of that love. My heart if full with this knowledge.

In the message you sent after the retreat, you said that I may continue to reap the benefits of the retreat over time, 'awakening further to my magnificence.' I was stunned when it actually happened. I can't really say what happened last night but something wonderful touched my heart. I felt overwhelming joy. I felt God's presence in me. Tears of joy came ... what a blessing that was. Maybe it was the [...] the meditation or chanting. I don't know but two weeks later I am still learning in my heart what my head thought it already knew. I am unique. I am enough and any improvement that I think I am making in my character is unnecessary. I am already an incredible creation. Wow...Thank you from my heart, Suzanne." - M.D."

It was simply awesome." - J.A.

 “The beach retreat was amazing! I’d attended the one in May and had been awestruck by the depth of “knowing” contained within me. The November retreat took me deeper into this “knowing” and allowed me to connect at an ever deeper, and broader, level with my Divine Presence. I was given a glimpse of how perfect our World is and how our presence in this World brings color, texture, and meaning that adds so much value to the landscape of life. Each of us is so uniquely special, and I truly felt that as I walked the boardwalk in communion with my Divine Presence.

 Suzanne provides the optimal environment to connect with the Divine Presence within. Not only is the retreat space lovely, inviting, and calm, but the meditations, movement activities, and quiet time she selects for the weekend are all centered around giving each participant the opportunity to be truly grounded and deeply connected to each Self.

 If you’ve not yet allowed yourself to experience this one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend with yourself, I would strongly urge you to do so. You will not regret it. “ - Mary L.

"Beach...Ocean...Spiritual Retreat. When I saw these words in an invitation from Suzanne, I knew I wanted to be there. She masterfully crafted a weekend filled with beautiful sights, sounds and touching discoveries about oneself.

You enter in silence on Friday night to an awe inspiring oceanfront apartment with beautiful music playing which centers, grounds and drains away any lingering stress. After that, you discover that you are surrounded by glorious new Divine Beings who are all there for the same safely and comfortably dive in to discover more of who we truly discover our authentic and magnificent selves.

This retreat was a vacation for my soul. The discoveries, memories and new friendships that it brought has made this a "must be" annual event.

I am blessed, as is this world, to have Suzanne in our lives. She is a beautiful and authentic pioneer.

Thank you Suzanne!"  - Sue A.

 "I was privileged and honored to spend this past weekend with transformational life coach, Suzanne Eder, and other extraordinary women at Solid Ground’s Spiritual Beach Retreat.

 I had no expectation of what the weekend may hold for me. I only knew that I would be getting in touch with the Divine Presence within and gaining an understanding of who I TRULY am in this physical incarnation.

 Prior to this retreat, I had a belief system in place whereby I knew that I was a soul who had chosen to live on the physical plane and had life lessons to learn so that I could “move up the spiritual ladder” to the next phase on my journey to enlightenment. I believed that there were certain life lessons that I had chosen to master during this incarnation, and situations would continue to present themselves until I could ultimately resolve and master them. Always, new lessons were there for me to learn.

 In addition to moving up the spiritual ladder was the overarching question of, “What is my purpose in life?” Surely, I had some magnificent purpose for being here, but if I were continually overcoming obstacles and learning lessons, what could it possibly be?

 Imagine my wonder and surprise when Suzanne told us on Friday evening, at the beginning of the retreat, that our purpose was to live a joy-filled and creative existence as the magnificent Beings that we are!!!! Imagine my increased wonder and surprise when she told us that we need never have to work on ourselves again! There is nothing to fix; we are completely whole and perfect as we are; after all, we are of the Divine!

 Thus began a journey of getting in touch with the Divine within; recognizing and embracing the magnificence that we are; breaking through barriers that have kept us “small” and thinking that were are undeserving of a truly wonderful life.

 My life has been forever changed by this weekend, and bonding at the deepest level occurred. We celebrated our magnificence and recognized it in each other! " - Mary L.


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“Suzanne is a true visionary.  She effortlessly sees the many possibilities within the assumptions we hold as absolute and the beliefs we have about 'the way things are.'  Just by spending time with her in conversation, you cannot help but expand your world view and open up to all that exists in support of us.  She has stretched my thinking in ways I would have never come to on my own - and that in turn has opened doors for me that I didn’t even know were in my way.”  - J.T.